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Why Wellcamp Folding Container

In our country and in the world; when office living steel mono block construction is considered; removing from the total the work site buildings or emergency accommodation needs after the earth quake, mostly only the folding container house with outer surface is made out of tendency page metal covered type steel construction elements and generally single or variable floored containers are thought to be.

Wellcamp folding container house is an ideal solution for places that do not have work site possibility (mountainous areas) and for continuously mobile places. When it is demanded to move very rapidly, it might be made with movie trailer. In cumulative orders and foreign shipments, it is shipped in demounted condition and the assembly may be made at site in 3 hours.

kuwait prefabricated container

Variable purpose modular living container units will be manufactured for all your needs. The inner and external use areas of the easily mountable and transportable containers can be arranged with respect to demand. Practical, functional and variable purpose container living unit after earth quake, locker rooms, lavatory (WC shower) is ready available as depot. It is possible to make variable folding container house by bringing many of the units together. With the living container models, residence purposed improvements can be formed in your vineyard, garden, sea side, resort. Upon request, prefabricated residence roofs can be applied on containers.

The container constructions inclined to all kinds of use purpose are obvious with the property of economy and rapidity at the fists glimpse. The containers that can be considered as the inevitable unit of work sites; can be designed with respect to all kinds of needs from office to WC-shower, kitchen curtains, dormitory, and depot and living units. With their wide system alternatives the containers have the property of having a suitable decoration for the purpose, rapid assembly, use ease, minimum maintenance cost and assembly and disassembly properties. Besides this, with the planning called blend system planning; construction in every dimension and variable floored can be constituted other then the standard dimensions.

With the Wellcamp folding container house, you will reach the quality faster and cheaply. The folding container house dimensions with and without standard insulating material are 2. 4 mX 3. 0 m- 2. 4 meters X 6. 0 m- 2. 4 meters X 7. 0 m- 2. 4 meters X 8. 0 m- 3. 0 meters X 6 m-3. 0 mX 7. 0 m-3. 0 mX 8. 0 m- 3. 0 mX 12 meters and production is made upon request. Other then our standard container models, the containers that can provide the employment of all plans will be a solution for you. Our Kuwait folding container house are low cost, easily transportable and mountable they are being manufactured with the property of assembly, handy, combined and variable floored modular system. The end of all manufacture and assembly works, being capable of lifting and lowering with crane and not requiring any concrete floor for its installation are its advantages. After the work of the container is finished, you may ship the containers to your business site and depot with transportation chains.

Our well-regarded customers what you have to do is to opt for the house among our models sections and to pass on it to us after devising the house of your dreams from your mind.

Living is lived differently at Wellcamp prefabricated residences. Really is endless you to use it in days of good health and in slow pace.


Temporary China Folding Container House

Temporary China Folding Container House

Standard base camp accommodation and office structures ship flat but assemble quickly into 2. 40mt x 6. 00mt modular containers with nicely finished interiors. Containers can be joined together to make large, open plan structures or can stand-alone as living accommodations or office shelters.

Demountable flatpack containers were created for stacking in their disassembled and assembled forms. Minimal lifting equipment required for assembly. Can be constructed with minimal foundation (level blocks, shims). Disassembled containers allow for low marine and road transport costs.

Standard military and commercial base camps
Temporary offices and accommodations
Ship assembled or pulled down
Temporary and mobile camps for construction and military
Easy solutions with assembly
All Demountable -flatpack container have equipped covered polyurathane sandwich panels
The electrical system can also be installed according to any projects

Wellcamp China Project

China Prefabricated Container


Wellcamp Container Prefabricated House featured with high, they can be widely usded as: Construction site homes Temporary Offices Temporary Dormitory, Camp Work Additional Floor and so on.

1. The Folding Container House can be transportated all together or collapsable easliy for many times.

2. It is easy to ship, its wall and roof panel can be choosen from sandwich panel with EPS PU or Rock Wool, and its inner board is wooden board or plasterborad. After folding for shippment, the taking size is very small and 6 units of folding container houses can be loaded into a 40 feet container.

3. Installing the Container Prefabricated House is time-saving, the roof, floor and electricity system are prefabricated and we will send experienced engineers to there for guding the installation.

4. The walls of folding container houses is easy to make, only tight and flat ground is enough and no need to do the concrete foundation.

Folding Container House

Office living work site containers 300 cm X 900 cm X 20 cm

Technical properties of element steel system Wellcamp office living Folding Container House

The Folding Container House that are manufactured by our side are TSEK and ISO 9001- quality certified.

Technical data: compacted snow load 80 kg/ meters 2, external wall heat performing coefficient t: 0. 73 kcal/ meters 2 hc, moving floor load is 200 kg/ meters 2.

1. Walls: At the outer surfaces of the external walls, DKP trapezoid page metal in 35 mm pitch depth, as heat insulating material expanded polystyrene foam(10/12 kg/ meters 3) in 40 mm thickness is being used at internal and external walls.

2. Roof coating: It is galvanized page metal of trapezoid cross section in 0. second there’s 55 mm thickness and 27 mm pitch depth, the rain waters are evacuated by corner copy.

3. Hall coating: Fiber glass of 80 mm thickness for heat insulating material and for hall coating PVC panels is being used.

4. Doors: the door chassis are more than steel and external doors are covered metal doors, internal doors are MDF contra press door. The dimensions of external doors are 700 X 1950 mm.

5. Windows: The window joineries are PVC based; single glass in 4 mm thickness is installed. The window dimensions are 90/ 110 cm and they may vary upon request. In the units for venting, aluminum shutters or fans will be used.

6. Floor: Marley (folio lined on top of 300 x 300 X 1. 6 mm) is being used as floor coating over the cemented chipboard plates in 16 mm thickness installed on side to side profiles.

7. Sanitary installation: The installation are made plaster depth. Clean water piping are FIRAT brand. The tea furnace is chrome steel drain. Wash basins and bathroom bowls are DOGVIT brand.

8. Electrical installation: The electrical installation is hidden, laid in plaster depth. The cables are HES brand, for the joins Siemens automates are used. For the sockets cables of 2 X 2. 5, lighting 2 X 1. 5 are used. The keys and sockets are VIKO brand. In each room, there is one key, one plug and one telephone plug. Split air-con installation will be made at the container.

9. Paint: At the external surfaces of the container, double layer industrial coating and double layer industrial paint is being applied.

10. Dimensions: The 1 type containers are in the dimension of 3. 00 X 7. 00 X 2. 6 and the 2 nd type containers are 2. 40 x 6. 00 X 2. 6.

11. Lifting system: The running work is being of connection of the steel cables with equal distance to the hidden eye products attached to corners to the locks. As the China Folding Container House are manufactured from gelatinized page metal without insulating material they may also be manufactured with insulating material. The containers can be manufactured two or more layered upon request.

The reinforced concrete of the floor, heating and cooling installation and external building lines, accommodation between cities, lodging, transportation and transportation insurance is supposed to be to customer.

The right of editing of the technical specifications is supposed to be to Wellcamp prefabricated.

Temporary Prefab House : Wellcamp prefabricated container homes

Wellcamp folding container house are created to provide optimal comfort. The walls, floor and hall are more than covered sandwich panels providing a controlled internal environment with the same insulating material values as a modern house. Internal partition walls and internal doors are also fully covered.

Wellcamp prefabricated container homes are created to suit individual requirements. Buildings are ‘flat packed’ to reduce transport costs, simple and quick to put up, and exceptional affordability.

Wellcamp myanmar project

Natural disasters, successful economic facilities, and military deployment around the globe, mean many people are in need of transitional or temporary housing. Bunk houses for military camps, labourforce accommodations for EPC companies, or shelters for families after having a natural traumatic events, General Coach has prefabricated building solutions to meet various global needs.

Our products are shipped in finished form, requiring no on site construction and minimal setup. This makes deployment of large shipments fast and easy. We realize that temporary housing should provide both the necessities and key attributes for family and social life so our units provide luxuries of home with the durability to last for years.

Myanmar Folding Container House can help design complete things with separate units for bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. This arrangement can be quite functional for larger groups and provides much less expensive solutions.

prefabricated container house

Myanmar Folding Container House adapts to international codes, taking either 110 or 230 volt hydro and installing step-down transformers on all appliances.

* Winter insulating value R-7 walls, R-12 hall, and R-19 floors.
* Heavy gauge pillow tube steel frame for stability.
* Above standard steel roof : long lasting with no coolant leaks.
* Vacuum formed walls in raised roof.

Wellcamp : The home With Mother : Prefab House Supplying

On the second Wednesday of May in each year, there is a memorable happening in China : Mothers’ Day. In this major happening, WELLCAMP Prefab House Factory seriously wish all the mom, happy Mothers’ Day. There is a mother, there is a warm, there is home.

wellcamp mother's day

Our prefabricated house which were brought suitable for all your needs are performed after the installation water piping and electrical installation etc. over the place submitted by yourself and our improvements are under the order of you customers in a short time. During the preparation of facilities, the daily contacts that we have established with you and the status reports that we have submitted you are one of our most important capabilities. Besides the technical quality, it should not be forgotten the esthetic property and visual flavor allowing the employment of all kinds of projects with terraced and without terraced, with and without bow windowed German-American models. With the main advantage of modular system; the structures at requested width and length will be prepared and responded to any need.

wellcamp prefabricated house


Office, Rest-room, Control-room, In-class, Hospital, Dormitory, Show-room, Manufacturing facility, Shop, Company, Public-accommodation, Place of amusement, Additional Floor and so on.


1. Easy to assemble and disassemble. It can be removed more than 10 times, and it can last twenty years or longer.
2. This house is a kind of light steel structure modular housing there are low cost and good abiltiy to assemble and disassemble on site.

3. The floor, hall, water system, electricity system are optional for your choice.

4. All the components of the prefabricated house can be disassbly and assemblied easily. And this makes the traditional fabricated house style is widly used for the workers domtories and office.

Wellcamp, a leading company of the prefabricated house manufacturer in China, brings out permanent and comforatable housing solutions to the customers with Wellcamp throughout the world, where the prefabricated sector is developing rapidly.

Wellcamp ghana project

Prefabricated homes have come of age. Our latest generation of Ghana prefabricated homes are an exciting blend of modern modular building design methods and compelling mdoern architecrue- plus strong environment experience.

1. The luxury prefabricated house featured with quality, stronger structure and beautyful appeareace. It is widly used as workers’ dormitories, office site and temperary hotel.

2. The roof structure can be double slope roof structure and flat roof structure. And the structure are combined with different type of route steel.

3. The wall panel and roof panel are color steel sandwich panel. EPS, PU or Rockwool are provided for your choice.

4. We can provide water system, electricity system, hall, floor and other related furnitures for your choice.

5. All the Ghana prefab villa material can be assembly and diassembly easily. They will be well packed into 20 feet container or 40 feet containers. About 200 pillow meters material can be loaded into one 40 HQ container.

6. After the material arrive on the site, we will send experienced engineers there to guiding the installation and training your workers at the same time.

Uganda Prefabricated Villa Answer along with Well-liked Style

Wellcamp Modular provides countless modular home project in most area in the united states. Along with nearly limitless choices, you are able to produce a customized Prefabricated Villa home along with virtually any kind of function or even update you would like.

wellcamp prefabricated Villa

A number of our clients concentrate on high-efficiency as well as low-maintenance choices. By having an considerable assortment of residential home project in addition to multi-family flats, duplexes, as well as townhomes, the modular home solutions supply some thing for everybody.

Should you can’t discover precisely what you’re searching for within our considerable listing of brand new modular homes available, we are able to produce your personal custom dream home.

Wellcamp prefabricated villa for hostel in Uganda

Modular house project constitute most of the most widely used Prefabricated Villa project in the united states. The actual farm design house, or even rambler, is really a traditional design that’s nearly associated along with 1 tale residing. You will find simply a lot of possibilities that provide room with regard to amusement as well as residing. Creative designers as well as designers possess produced a lot of prefabricated house project as well as designs which deciding on the best house strategy may nearly appear mind-boggling.

Prefab Villa project are simply useful. With all the living area on a single ground you will find absolutely no actions in order to get around or even stairways to consider upward living area. Nevertheless, new crisis may be developed by including vaulted ceilings, cathedral ceilings, trapezoid home windows, as well as ornamental roof remedies (we. at the. trey ceilings, coffered ceilings, and so on. ). Outside suppress seem could be improved along with ornamental dormers, spectacular recesses, as well as a lot of patio choices. Numerous prefabricated villa project additionally provide possibilities with regard to reward room within the loft or higher the actual storage which may be completed later on.

Wellcamp Dream Home

You will find a lot of designs which make use of the 1 tale house strategy settings. Within the north places included in this are cottages, bungalow, as well as Prefabricated Villa solution. Within the southern these types of range from colonial as well as modern styles. Along with big seaside places numerous seaside houses additionally make use of solitary ground styles like the Mediterranean sea Design. Along with room in order to extra, is actually well-known with regard to big Houses. Uganda Prefab Villa project consist of The spanish language Colonial, Objective, as well as Pueblo designs.

Simply because 1 tale houses provide all the room for a passing fancy ground, these people usually need bigger creating plenty. This simply requires much more property to construct away rather than upward. Additionally, Uganda prefab house need much more roofing as well as basis producing their own comfort somewhat more costly compared to additional house strategy choices. Numerous outside choices for patio’s, patios, as well as porches boost the personality associated with single story homes that may make sure they are excellent choices for everybody.

New Idea Prefabricated Labor Camp Through Wellcamp Prefab Home Provider

China prefabricated labor camp may be the brand new idea within building associated with prefabricated house. They are much more protecting towards strict atmosphere but affordable. The conventional component with regard to spatial variety, as well as make use of light steel structure, along with sandwich panel wall and steel sheet to create this easy, stunning as well as brief function period.

wellcamp prefabricated house

Wellcamp tend to be professionals within prefab house solutions which employed in severe conditions secure as well as comfy. Through the years we now have shipped customised solutions for that the majority of difficult tasks in the market.
With regard to precisely a number of the current tasks make sure you observe the gallery beneath.

Skid Systems: The prefabricated labor camp tend to be built as well as designed internally as well as have the period of fourteen. 5m. The actual service’s for example Aircon as well as warm water techniques could be installed on the actual supplied systems. Every system as well as body is actually backed through the skid as well as decreases mobilising expenses as well as demob expenses because just about all puts could be handled inside the depot or even in the keeping backyard. Moving as well as shipping this particular software is actually accomplished through tilt holder. Paths tend to be a good optionally available additional and therefore are guaranteed towards the skid structures as well as collapsed from the pot. Every skid is actually completely designed internally and may end up being customized made to collection task software.

Industrial Meals storage space: Because of the remote control area in our labor camp, every 40ft Storage space pot has a 100% redundancy bundle with regard to decreasing losing clean as well as freezing create. These types of models tend to be customized as well as contain a passionate Deep freeze, Refrigerator as well as Dried out products store.

Industrial Kitchen area: The a sexually transmitted disease 12m by two. 4m pot space suited to the industrial kitchen area specs may look after forty eight pax. Your kitchen service within set up from the Adelaide stockroom exactly where just about all tools tend to be produced inside Sydney. Every Kitchen area service could be customized installed depending on providing as well as menus needs. An average Kitchen area service includes, Prepare best, Removal, Heavy fryer, Barbeque grill Dish, Baine Jessica, Table covers Stainless, Container kitchen sinks, Cleaner kitchen sinks, Clean channels, twin fridge’s along with inter top servery as well as personnel galley.

Wellcamp prefab homes for labour camp in Angola project

Eating Service: Prefabricated labor camp eating service is positioned on the skid system as well as became a member of towards the Kitchen area service. An interior pathway between your Kitchen area as well as eating service aid personnel along with cleansing as well as meals move in the kitchen area towards the meals preparation places as well as baine maries. A personal clean these types of installed outwardly about the skid could be incorporated to advertise the thoroughly clean as well as sanitary atmosphere.

Lodging: Every Angola labor camp offers person needs where personnel need personal or even discussed groups. Every space may completely installed along with Bedrooms, Bed mattress, Work area, Bath, Bathroom, Mirror as well as Storage space. Every Space may have its Aircon device.

Washing Service: Every Washing service is actually installed along with industrial Maytag Cleaning as well as Dryers. Personal lockers will also be supplied for every employee where thoroughly clean as well as filthy equipment will be positioned throughout the procedure.

Wellcamp Light Steel Prefab Villa inside Dubai Project

The particular Dubai prefab villa house will be a single sort of prefab constructing method which usually fit inside the peninsula together with warm and also dried up weather conditions. This kind of venture produce getaway residence with your prefab apartment residence.

light steel prefab villa Dubai

On this venture, taking into consideration the very hot and also dried up weather conditions inside Dubai, we all utilize numerous resilient top quality fire-proof panel for roof. Due to the fact it is a prefab villa project, we might want to utilize galvanized steel structure, concrete board and also decoration sheet exterior to produce the particular apartment have got gorgeous physical appearance. The particular duration of the particular concrete floor table we all utilize will be around 50 decades. Making use of these kinds of extended life span table regarding wall structure, we all layout to produce accommodations or perhaps getaway properties similar to this venture.

The location with this venture is approximately 500 rectangular metres. In addition to making use of since getaway residence, this kind of prefab villa house can be created regarding household residence, accommodations, high end business office etc.

One of the better reasons for having constructing yourself will be the fact it is possible to layout anything at all, virtually any condition that you would like. Nonetheless, its not all constructing components are usually since adaptable or perhaps since different because the tips in your thoughts. Yet metallic will be.

Wellcamp home

Together with metallic properties, it is possible to generate several styles and also models without the problems and also typically with out too much executive necessary. All you have to can be an notion of what you would like, and also metallic constructing vendors have in all probability previously looked at that.

There are numerous forms of steel buildings that exist: Individual incline: Mostly found in business retailer fronts, warehouses, and also professional places of work, the particular individual incline metallic properties can easily determine up to selection of widths.

They’re a straightforward, but strong layout that enables a lot of area regarding more compact enterprise or perhaps private wants. Trim to be able to: The particular trim to be able to construction regarding steel buildings can be a vintage layout. Although this won’t appear to be significantly metallic constructing design, it could supply a helpful added area regarding more compact properties in which merely will need a few more rectangular toes. Multiple-span: This kind of metallic constructing could be the favored of all steel building suppliers due to its adaptability.

Due to the fact you can find handful of size restrictions, it is possible to generate several different and also beneficial models. This kind of is great for huge jobs or perhaps producing services. Clear-span: These kinds of ‘re normally noticed in huge services that want huge uninterrupted space on the floor for instance sporting activities domains, places of worship or perhaps hangars regarding aircraft. Sometimes, an obvious course all the way to 3 hundred toes may be completed. Several steel building installers furthermore provide pursuing models:
Each one of these models provides diverse software with regards to just what dimensions they could deal with and also the potency of the general help. If you are wanting to select from steel building kits, you should take into account initial the general area in which you would like to enclose.

prefab villa Dubai

Greater the area, the harder help you need to help the complete construction. You’ll must take into account Wellcamp specifications and also occupancy since these kinds of can result insert specifications to your constructing.

You ought to pick a business that may assist an individual, the architect or perhaps company to ensure the appropriate specifications are usually achieved to be able fit the bill as well as the specifications of one’s location. When you look at the total dimensions and also intent behind the steel building, you should speak to any steel building construction company to talk about the appropriate executive with the constructing.

As an example, residential steel buildings should integrate diverse layout factors when compared to a storage place or perhaps manufacturing unit. Ensure you utilize a business that may give you the program and also top quality suited to assembling your project. Foshan Wellcamp Building Materials Co.,Ltd will probably be your better selection to be able to interact personally together with!

WELLCAMP Dark Horse & Brazil Steel Structure Building

WELLCAMP Dark Horse Arises,To Be NO.1 & Wellcamp Brazil Steel Structure Building Warehouse Project

WELLCAMP, not just a place of natural talent, but the place rich in ingenuity. There are a variety connected with factors you can not be expecting.

Best Wellcamp

What exactly occured? Presently, this good-looking light tee shirt while using the web design manager on the develop on the talk make it possible for persons feel the cannot be seen demand. Along with the tasteful accommodate sweater having dignified keeping make it possible for persons highly regarded endlessly.

Time period transferred along with the remedy turned out eventually. Up to date WELLCAMP’s Canton Fair speech match “I am the best” started off. Just about every audio complete their full capacity to indicate the chance to chat. In this particular strong dialog match, shows WELLCAMP’s sensible in addition to start. Providing you develop the daring in addition to natural talent, WELLCAMP offers you an opportunity to help full bloom honor.

Sometime soon, WELLCAMP will endeavor the most beneficial to build low-priced merchandise of which with premium quality, in addition to tight requires with unique to offer the most beneficial merchandise in addition to services towards shoppers.

WELLCAMP to be NO.1, we are the best!

Best Wellcamp

steel structure building Brazil

Wellcamp Brazil Steel Structure Building

This can be a aluminum design manufacturing facility put together with company, that’s not often welcomed in South america regional area. Considering that the structure spot is usually substantial, the item expected substantial people in addition to stuff methods. At this point, let’s view that pre-engineered steel building.

1. This amount connected with key design is usually 6 measures.

2. Different handyroom in addition to company, practices with both equally features.

3. The interior light admittance by retaining wall in addition to FRP tile will allow sun light in to the future with.

4. Beneficial setting up.

Steel Structure Building Brazil