Green Program — Mobile Prefab Homes for Worker

Green Program — Mobile Prefab Homes for Worker

The green roof project began two years earlier, with an idea from Sonia’s partner. They formed a Green Roof Committee and successfully tried for a $200, 000 grant via a mobile prefab homes program to assist community groups to improve the water cycle.

Part of our Common Ground feature on sustainable and liveable strata, this prefab homes supplier‘s apartment block’s residents banded together to install an extensive green roof, with lots of advantages. “Our roof was one big blinding white reflective surface, come across all the elements. It was not approving to social gatherings. We used it to hang up our washing. The outlook of changing this into something we can enjoy the other that will benefit the surroundings was too good not to ponder. ”

mobile prefab homes for worker.jpg

In 2015, a 646-square-metre green roof was installed. Encased by the existing brickwork parapet, the green roof includes two lawn areas, planter boxes for vegies, washing lines, mobile prefab homes, but most of the space is given over to local plantings. “We wanted a self-sustaining ecosystem, ” explains Sonia Bednar, kama’aina ( and Owners Corporation Committee chair. “The only non-natives are rosemary and lavender, to attract bees and assist biodiversity. ”From the street, this block of apartments in Melbourne’s Saint Kilda East looks pretty similar to its neighbors.

Now everybody’s up there often, ” enthuses Sonia. A structural assessment of the roof was carried out, and a heavy-duty waterproof and root-proof membrane layer was laid and fitted with a sensitive trickle prognosis system which should mean remedying any future problem won’t involve extensive excavation. Green roof contractor Fytogreen was employed to lay the substrate, install the watering system and choose and plant the grasses, groundcover and small shrubs that make up the roof park. The residents held working bees to help with the myriad smaller jobs like painting.

But head in the back stairs to the roof and a verdant surprise is in store. Wellcamp, mobile prefab homes and owners. Regarding green year on, the garden is flourishing. It absorbs rainwater and reduces stormwater runoff, and arctic warmth; in addition, it’s demonstrating hugely positive socially. “Before, we didn’t have a community because we didn’t have a communal space.


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